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About Rhent-a-flock

Small scale farming with small scale commitment

So you want to educate your family on raising and caring for your own fine-feathered friends but you are unsure of the cost and the commitment involved. The next step is with Rhent-a-flock, we provide the confidence and immediate gratification you are searching for. You will experience mini farming with the reward of fresh eggs, friendly pets, and not to mention a fantastic conversation piece. These family memories will last a lifetime.

Yes - this is a relatively new concept that gives you the easy and fun experience of housing egg-producing hens right in your backyard. For a small fee, Rhent-a-flock will set you up with everything you need for your backyard chicken coop. Families across Massachusetts and Rhode Island have been flocking to our happy hens!


Eggsamples of the joys of warm-weather farming:

  • Friendly family farm-raised hens as pets

  • Healthy farm fresh eggs

  • Crazy, zainy antics of the newest pets in the neighborhood

  • Fantastic with hours of wonderment and watching your pets romp and play

  • Simple and easy care and maintenance

  • Short term commitment

  • Pleasurable pets with personality!

  • One call does it all!

Renewing Rhent-a-flock on an annual basis is easy. You can buy out the whole "Coop-and-Caboodle" at the end of the season!


Warm Weather Farming is simple and healthy

You don't want to move or take up too much of your backyard with pens and paddocks. You are too busy to build or buy all the appropriate accessories and shelters to keep your flock healthy and safe.  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the benefit of knowing that your hens are producing 100% of your eggs while enjoying you family's company. Rhent-a-flock hen rental is a fantastic way to try before you buy. Rhent-a-flock provides a healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly activity over the spring, summer and fall. CLUCK HERE to contact us today.


Refer a Farmer With Our Friends Of A Feather Flock Together Program

Do you know a lot of people who share the same animal and food interests as you? Are you great with people and love animals? Refer your friends to our services and we will provide a referral discount of $50 for all referrals that rent from us.


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